The Crew




Ian arrived in Samoa from New Zealand 15 years ago and has since become a well known and respected fisherman. He has fished the waters not only of Samoa but also many other island nations throughout Polynesia. A certified captain with over 25 years experience, Ian brings with him a true understanding of our oceanic environment. Hunting large pelagics is second nature to him. His love of Samoa is unsurpassed.


Alfred was born in Apia Samoa and was introduced to fishing at an early age by his dad who like most Samoan’s loved nothing better than to catch a good feed of fish for his young family. Alfred was taught to carve hooks and lures from bones in the traditional way by his dad and they would spend hours preparing the tackle for each fishing trip. As Alfred grew up he was introduced to modern fishing methods and became hooked on surf casting from the outer edges of the fringing reef. He would walk for hours along the reef at low tide casting for big GT’s and other reef dwellers.

Alfred is highly regarded by his peers and is regularly approached for his advice on all matters concerning game fishing by friends from around the globe. Some of you may recognise him as the Samoa area reporter for New Zealand Fishing News.


Sony was born in Australia and was raised on the South Coast of New South Wales. He has been a keen fisherman since he could walk and still is. After finishing his school certificate he started working as a decky aboard local professional fishing boats. Since that time he has clocked up many hours working aboard game boats up and down the east coast of Australia.It was while working aboard these game boats that Sonny gained a great understanding of what is the best tackle available, how to rig it and how to fix it.

Sonny is an accomplished “salt water” fly fishermen who will be of great assistance to those of you who like to chase large pelagics with a feather or two.


Greg was born in Australia and raised in Sydney. He has been fishing since he could hold a hand line. His early years were spent fishing the Parramatta River and the Harbour with his Pop and his Dad. He was introduced to game fishing by his friend John Davis in the late 80’s. Greg has always been a huge advocate of the Tag and Release of all billfish and other sustainable fishing practices.

In the late 90’s he started guiding fishing adventures to Samoa, Vanuatu and Fiji and still does. Greg also loves fishing tournaments, is very competitive and has been quite successful.

Greg is a dedicated fisherman with a true TEAM philosophy to all he undertakes. He believes that the combined experiences of Ian, Alfred, Sonny and himself will help make every charter a more productive and enjoyable experience for all those who fish with Troppo Fishing Adventures Samoa aboard MV Pure Indulgence.

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