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Greg was born in Australia and raised in Sydney. He has been fishing since he could hold a hand line. His early years were spent fishing the Parramatta River and Sydney Harbour with his Pop and his Dad. He was introduced to game fishing by his friend John Davis in the late 80’s. In 1991 he was a member of Team Wave Dancer which won the NSW Interclub Tag & Release Tournament held out of Port Stephens. In the late 90’s Greg started guiding fishing adventures to Vanuatu and Fiji. In 2003 , he fell in love with Samoa and decided to concentrate all efforts here in "The Heart of Polynesia"

Greg has always been an avid conservationist and a huge advocate of the Tag & Release of Billfish and other sustainable fishing practices. Apart from sitting on the commitee of the Samoan International Game Fishing Association (SIGFA) as Vice President and being the major sponsor of the tag and release component of the SIGFA International Tournament, he is also an active member of The Billfish Foundation and a longtime member of the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA). Greg is also a certified IGFA Captain who is highly respected by his peers. He is a dedicated sport fisherman who encourages a true "team" philosophy to all he undertakes. He believes that the combined experiences of his  Team and himself help make every charter a more productive and enjoyable experience for all those who fish with Team Troppo aboard MV Pure Indulgence.



Randy was born in southern USA. Ever since he could walk his father        would take him and his brother Andy fishing for large mouth bass in the creeks around the family homestead. . As time passed Randy started looking for waters holding bigger fish.. In his teens he started fishing the waters off Florida and The Gulf of Mexico targeting everything from wahoo and yellowfin to bottom dwellers such as grouper and red snapper. Moving overseas he started fishing waters as diverse as  the Mediterainian Sea. Agean Sea, Andaman Sea, The Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and the Amazon River. Big Game and Sport Fishing had taken over his soul. Eventually he decided to fish the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the islands of Samoa.. This is where he met Greg and decided to become a partner in Troppo Fishing Adventures Samoa. To find out more you will have to come on a trip with the crew and GET THE FULL STORY!!


Tautua was born on Samoa’s “Big Island” Savaii. He has been fishing since he could walk to the beach. When he was sixteen he moved to the main island of Upolu. Since 1995 has been entrenched in the Samoan tourism industry as a recreational fishing charter skipper and guide. From 2000 to 2014 Tautua was skipper of one of Samoa’s most famous charter boats “Fish The Dream”. In 2015 he became a member of Team Troppo and is now the skipper of our dedicated sports fisher “Get Er Done”. His experience and knowledge of Samoa’s waters are second to none.




Born and raised in Tuvalu, Loota spent his entire childhood hunting fish. Catching yellowfin tuna and the many other pelagic species found in the waters surrounding his island home became second nature.. Loota's passion for the sea saw him graduate from the marine academy at 17,. he then traveled the world and went on to become a professional Captain. In 2000 Loota moved to Samoa with his Family and started chasing Tuna. He soon became one of Samoa's most sought after commercial captains and racked up many years working out of Apia and Pago Pago.  In 2011 knowing Loota's experience in fishing the waters around the Samoa's, Greg approached him to become his co captain. Greg was on the money, with Loota putting many anglers on their dream fish whether it be their first or largest marlin or a session popping Gt;s off the bow. Lootas wealth of experience and local knowledge are invaluable to Team Troppo and our Anglers.


Daniel hails from Wyong on the central coast of NSW.. He is a third generation fisherman.. Since he could cast a line he has been fishing the waters around his home town. He bought his first boat when he was 16yrs and started fishing the waters wide of Swansea  targeting everything from marlin to kingies. His tackle knowledge is second to none. He's fearless on a leader and not afraid to mix it up trolling, switching, jigging, popping, bait or fly fishing to ensure our anglers are always on the hunt and plenty of fish hit the deck.



Inelei came to us in 2019. She wanted a job as a decky. Her enthusiasm was contagious, so we gave her the gig. She has become an invaluable team member, quickly learning everything that was asked of her. Inelei’s fearless passion and desire to be the best decky on the planet quickly earns her the respect and friendship of all anglers that fish with us. She has become our “X factor”.