About Troppo

The most important thing for us is to ensure that every angler who charters our services has a fantastic time, is put in the position to catch plenty of good fish and hopefully gets the chance to catch the fish of their dreams. And it’s got to be easy, absolutely no hassels from the moment you book your adventure to when you arrive home.


If we achieve this we know you will head home with great memories from your fishing adventure in Samoa, spread the word to your fishing mates and return to fish with us as soon as you can.


Our distinction from other operators is our ability to provide special charters for those anglers who have specific requirements. Anglers who wish to target a certain species, fish a particular way, use specialised tackle, fish a particular line class, or concentrate on local or international records etc etc etc... will be catered for.

FISHING HAS TO BE FUN.. Whether you're a dedicated solo angler, a fishing family, fishing lovers or simply fishing friends. Fishing should always be loads of fun!!!


For those more adventurous anglers who wish to go the extra mile we offer long range, live aboard charters to remote locations where few have fished before. “Oh Yeah!”


We bring a modern, innovative and exciting approach to Big Game and Sports Fishing in Samoa. The word “Sport” is paramount in our teams philosophy. We will encourage more anglers to “fish for the thrill and not the kill” by using lighter tackle and line classes. “Catch and Release” and “Tag and Release” practices are also to be encouraged. Responsible angling and conservation of the marine environment is paramount to our collective sustainable future.


We are here for the long haul. With time, we would like our operation to be recognised and respected as one of the leading Big Game and Sports Fishing charters in Polynesia. With our dedicated vessel “Pure Indulgence“, skippers “Loota & Greg”, decky “Sam” and an experienced, enthusiastic and fishing crazy management team, there is every reason to be optimistic.


We look forward to providing many anglers with their “fishing adventure of a lifetime”.