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Scott's Farewell

On Thursday April 3rd 2008 our Dear Friend and Great Mate Scott Fillips passed away in his sleep while on a business trip to LA.

Absolutely Bloody Tragic!!!!

On Sunday May 11th a group of close friends accompanied Scotty's wife Soraya to the 3mile Reef of Apia.

We all said our goodbyes and then spread Scotts ashes on his beloved Pacific Ocean. It was a very sad and moving time for all of us.

Three Mile Reef will now be know as "Scott's Reef" in perpetual memory of our great mate.

Fittingly, it was a glorious day. After we wiped the tears from our eyes, we played Scott's favourite CD "Up in Smoke by Cheech & Chong".

Immeadiatley everyone started smiling as we reflected on all the good times we had together.

Scott will be remembered for his loving devotion to Soraya, and his generous lust for life....Especially Fishin !!!!

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