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Paul & Mike Go Troppo.."AGAIN"!!!

These Kiwi blokes love their fishin..They came over and fished with us last June and had a great time landing marlin and masi masi..but no Yellow..So the boys came back and we headed out on Monday to do the do..It was a bit quiet and then right on 10.30am all hell broke lose. Bang..The Pakula Beergut running on the shotie is inhaled and screams off high across surface..Just as Mike goes to jump in the chair..BANG.. The JB Ripper running on the long corner is nailed and is now heading to Pago Pago..Whoa.. Mike makes it into the chair and starts fighting the first fish as Paul jumps on the the 80W running on the corner and starts fighting that fish stand up in the rod holder...OH Yeah..Gotta love this!! At this time we are fighting two barrel yellows..One high, one low..They start to cross over each other with Paul carrying the second fish from corner to corner over and under Mikes line at regular intervals with the help of our fearless decky Inelei. Interestingly, Paul's fish is running the deepest. Then, just as both boys start to win some string Paul's fish comes to the surface and shatters the top water as it goes ballistic with an almighty splash..It's a marlin yells Paul..You betcha mate..It's a feisty blue of about 130kg.. Paul then fights the marlin to the boat aggressively over the top of Mikes fish only for the fish to go ballistic on the leader and taking off like a rocket on a second run..Okay.. lets get Mikes fish to the boat. It's a hefty bugger so it takes Mike quite a bit of time to get it to the boat. Meanwhile Paul is keeping the pressure on his blue. After about 30mins Mikes fish shows colour and we confirm that it's a solid yellowfin tuna. Tautua leads the fish then sets the first of the two gaffs waiting to haul the big fish into the boat. Now onto the marlin..Paul now puts the pressure on and the fish finally comes to the boat to be released by Tatua ..Wow..What a great fishing event..Mission accomplished and the boys are stoked..Interestingly when the boys got on the boat that morning they were carrying popping rods. So, with the big job done I decided to make the most of the calm weather, head inshore and see if we could nail a few GT's over the reef. So we did just that..The GT's were on the chew and we also popped some jobbies.. On one cast Paul actually landed a GT and a jobfish on the same popper after the jobbie decided that he wanted whatever the GT was already playing with..Wow..Never seen that before..Then it was time to pop the sow sow and grab a spaniard for dinner on the way home...Holy Moley..What a fantastic day..OH YEAH!!!!

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