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That’s the only way to describe how the fishing has been in Samoa the last few weeks and continues to be right now. Whoa! The awesome run of mahi mahi we have experienced since July has now gone to the next level, with plenty of anglers landing multiple fish every day. As they say, “when they’re on they’re on”. Captains Vaughan and Laeon Simpson have been right in the mix. On average, landing ten mahi mahi to 16kg every other day. Vaughan reckons it’s the best run of mahi mahi he has experienced since moving to Samoa 30yrs ago. While capitalising on the “mahi mayhem”, anglers have also been releasing multiple blue marlin and the odd yellowfin tuna to 30kg. Jumbo skippies have also been in the mix with some hitting the scales over 20kg. It’s all about the quantity of bait congregating off the coast. The ocean has been a constantly moving mass of food, attracting every predatory fish within hundreds of miles. Troppo anglers Tom and his mates enjoyed an amazing few days on the water off Apia landing multiple mahi each day, some wahoo, spaniards and getting to tag and reslease a mighty blue. The boys also dropped a huge yellowfin at the boat and reckon they will be back in February to increase their chances of each landing a big yellow during the anual run of jumbo YFT off the coast of Apia. As we head into spring the good fishing will continue. Especially, for those anglers looking to target blue marlin and mahi mahi. Sailfish will start congregating over the banks to the south of Apolima island, while black marlin and yellowfin tuna will begin their transition through the Apolima Strait. Dogtooth tuna will start congregating in 60m along the edges of the local seamounts as the GT's smash popers over the shallow reefs and the Spanish mackerel continue their spawning run along the north coast of Upolu.


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