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The last week or so, Team Troppo has been taking advantage of a solid spanish mackerel bite along the coast east and west of Apia. By heading strait to our top marks, we have been putting our anglers on big fish only a few minutes run from the entrance to the harbour. Both trolling bibbed lures and floating whole fish baits have been sucessful, with the largest spaniard of the season thus far going a whopping 22.5kg. The average weight has been a solid 15kg. As some of us know, Spanish Mackerel fight hard, with explosive runs compared to trying to stop a "freight train". Even the most experienced anglers get an almighty thrill when playing them on light gear. On top of that, they are one of the best eating fish in the ocean and always a treat for our anglers to take back to their resort for a fresh fish dinner after their big day catching the mighty Spanish Mackerel.


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