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Misha's Mighty Mahi Mahi "masimasi"

All the boys wanted some reel ADVENTURE, so David shouted his sons Misha and Josh a trip to Samoa. Their mission was to have Misha land his dream fish, a solid mahi mahi. So after spending a few days on our big, remote island of Savaii, the boys came back to Apia and went Troppo. David is a writer, a novelist, so I will let his own words describe what happened next...

"We came to Samoa on a quest: to catch a mahi mahi. Yellowfin tuna leapt high above the waves, but none took the hook. Then, after crisscrossing the ocean, Misha bent into a fish, and 25 minutes later, a 16kg bull mahi clattered aboard in a shower of green and silver flashes. The moral of the story? Greg, Randy and the team love rising to a challenge. Why not test them with yours?"

Nicely put David. We cant wait for the next challenge. Putting all of you on a mighty Yellowfin Tuna. See you boys next year..Yee Ha!


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