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Sam's Dream Fish

Sam is a champion junior boxer. He and his mum Michelle came to Samoa with a team of young Aussie boxers to compete against the Samoan Junior Boxing Team last Friday night. Sam won his bout with a unaminous points decision over his oponent. Sam is also a keen angler, often going out into the gulf off Adelaide to catch King George Whiting with his mates in their dad's boat. They do pretty good. However, it has always been a dream of Sams to land a mahi mahi. So he and his mum booked a haf day charter with us on Saturday and low and behold, as we ran the 2000m line, a solid bull mahi mahi struck the JB Baby Dingo running on the long rigger and took off like a rocket. After a hard fought battle, Sam got the mahi to the boat and finaly got to land his DREAM FISH. Congratulations Sam, that's the mahi mahi off your list. Now for that monster YFT...


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