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Wes Got his Big Yellowfin

A Solid Samoan YFT for Wes

Wes and his wife Aunoa, are from the States. While Chez and I were in Aus, Randy took them to one of our favorite yellowfin marks.

I'll let Wes tell his story....

Hola Greg Hopping. I think your back in Samoa now and if you haven’t heard…from our perspective we kicked ass on our trip with Randy, Oli, Tua and Ian. I landed a beautiful 45Kg Yellow Fin Tuna and a nice Blue Fin Trevally that the hotel chef made Sashimi and Pan fried for us,,,it was absolutely delicious….what a great experience with a great crew..had fun, caught big game fish, got sunburned, got the 1 hour fight in for both to get them on board and dint do any chumming so checked ALL the boxes…everyone was great and we thoroughly enjoyed the company during the down time. When the Tuna were on the hook Oli made it perfect by helping just enough to get us tired but not make it agony so we have our first big game fish any case, we are hopeful we can go out again one day in the not to distant future.

Also... I left 3 bottles of Tequila for the Troppo team that Im fully confident will go to good use

Many thanks again for lending us Randy and your crew for a day it went beyond our expectations.

Warmest regards



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