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Wilson & Brittany's Samoan Experience

Wilson wasn't sure if he wanted to accomany his wife Brittany on a family trip to Samoa. But once she mentioned that he could go Troppo Fishing, he imeadiatly changed his tune and jumped at the chance. Wilson had only fished with his mates, drifting around Auckland harbour catching a few pan sized snapper and the odd kingfish. He realy wanted to step it up and was always thinking of catching his first game fish. Especially a big yelowfin or a billfish. So, after contacting us and a bit of a chat about what Wilson wanted to acheive, Brittany booked a full day charter. Yesterday was the BIG Day. So, after a quick breifing at the marina we headed out to the 2000m line where we had found a few fish for our anglers the day before. WHACK! The Baby Dingo running on the long rigger was hit and the fish screamed off on its intial run. As the reel continued to scream, the fish leaped and we recognised the profile of a good sized sailfish. after taking a fair bit of line, the fish started to slow and Wilson managed to turn its head towards the boat. Then, after a short fight the sailfsh gave up and was soon on the leader and ready to be released. After taking a couple of quick pics, Tautua revived the fish before releasing it in good condition to swim off and make more sailfish. Wison was STOKED! Now it was Brittany's turn. After 30mins, we made it to Dickies FAD to find no action. I then decided to troll north west to the 3000m line. Mmm.. still no action, so I turned south. As I did, Tautua noticed two red footed boobies (ganets) circling low on thewater, so we headed in their direction. As we arrived, they split up. So I turned the boat sharply to follow the bird on our staboard quarter. BANG! That same Baby Dingo was hit hard by a very solid fish. Yep the reel was screaming, this time with even more intent. This ones running more like a Yellow. Brittany was all harnessed up and ready to go, so as soon as the fish slowed she started her fight. Over the next 30mins or so there was a lot of give and take. She was doing very well, but not having played a fish of this size before. the fight was taking its toll and she decided to hand the rod over to Wilson. Wilson soon realised that this was the fish he had been hoping for. A real solid, stuburn fighter, a mighty yellowfin tuna. He was totaly focused on the job at hand and after a brutal 45mins of physical domination and with plenty of encouragement from all on board Wilson got the leader to Tautuas hand. After a quick tussel the first gaff went in and then the second. The fish was then lifted into the boat, given a quick wash and pics taken. It was a solid 45kg. This time Wilson was not only Stoked, but Stuffed as well. So, after dancing around the deck a few times slapping hands in congratulations, he retired to the saloon for a touch of R&R. Meanwhile I headed the boat towards one of our inshore marks so we could have a bit more fun, playing with the spaniards and sao sao on the way home. We did and after Going Troppo, both Brittany and Wilson ended the day on what can only be described as a VERY FISHY HIGH.

Onya that's what we call CATCHING!..Yee ha!


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