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Daz has landed his "dream fish" in Samoa.

I met Daz and his wife approximately 10 years ago. He said to me he had been waiting for 30yrs to catch his dream fish. A yellowfin tuna. He then said that one day he would come to Samoa, Go Troppo with me and land that fish. Well it's just happened. Daz, after 40yrs of trying has made it to Samoa and not only caught his first yellowfin he has landed two..Massive Ones! Daz is an extraordinary human being.. Here's the short story.. Daz (Daryl Wilson) is from Lithgow NSW Australia. He's lucky to be alive after receiving burns to 85% of his body. He has been wanting to catch a yellowfin tuna his whole life. He and his family saved enough money to come to Samoa and do just that. In fact we put him on two big yellows. Even with the massive amount of trouble and pain his body was in he would not give up. He was incredible and went on to land fish that lots of able bodied anglers would struggle with, if not pass over the rod for someone else to finish the job. Daryls life story is absolutely incredible, including he and his wife Cathy fostering over 50 disadvantaged children. They brought two of those children plus Daryls 81 year old father and their neighbour Sue (who is just recovering from her sixth stroke and who lives with them so they can look after her) to Samoa..They all love FISHING and had an absolutely amazing time. However, Daza's yellowfin were the "Iceing On The Cake"! The Wilson familily spent most of their holiday staying at the sensational Taumeasina Island Resort just a stones thow away from our birth in Apia Marina. They also spent a few days staying at Stevensons Resort on the beach in Manase while they took some time off fishing to explore our big island of Savaii. Well done Daz..Your "True Blue" Well done to the Wilson Family..It was our absolute pleasure having you abroad.

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