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The wind has realy been blowing the last few days, so to ensure Bryce and his family got out fishing, we decided to hit our inshore marks early. We departed the marina at 6am. The spread was set and all lures swimming by 6.15am. Two minutes later as we trolled over our closet mark "The Three Sisters", bang, bang, bang, a tripple hook up. A terrific wakeup call for all on board. With some frantic action on the deck, a few minutes later two nice spaniards and a sao sao were in the cooler.

While the family were fighting the fish I noticed some birds working on a school of little queenfish 50m off the port bow, so I aimed for the edge of the school and whamo, whamo a double hookup. A few minutes later the boys had landed two solid, brassy trevally. The bigger one was released and the other kept for sashimi and oka, back at the resort later tonight.

We were only 40mins into the charter, so I turned to run the outside of the pinicle again..bang..this was a better fish. Bryce's daughter took the rod and a few minutes later a solid 13kg spaniard was in the bin.

It was now 7am and time to move on, so we hugged the coast up to Solo Solo with no luck. It was now 8am. The wind was up and the sea was getting knarly. One of the fam' was feeling a bit crook, so I turned with the sea and headed for home. As I did, bang a soild saosao hit the shotty and was soon in the bin.

On the way back to port all anglers ended up landing more fish. The last one just before the harbour entrance. A few minutes later we were back in our birth within Apia Marina. It was 10am, and Bryce and the family were talking ecstatically about the fun they had just had and the top feed they were going to have back at Taumeasina Resort tonight. Oh Yeah... That's how you beat the weather and enjoy a glorious mornings fishing. Well done team..


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