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Tautua's VERY HAPPY with our catch of SPANIARDS

A few days ago, Tautua and I took PI out on a Spanish run to see if we could nail a few Spanish Mackerel for our friends who needed some fresh fish for their resturants. We found the school and luckily, with double and tripple hookups being the norm and with PI's auto pilot in good working order, I was able to join Tautua on the deck and give him a hand landing the fish. Whoa, what a session. Now there is plenty of fresh Spanish Mackerel on the menu once more at our friends Siva Afi, Scalini's, Mia's Kebab's, Paddles, Giodarno's and Le Vasa Resort..Oh Yeah! Hopefully, with a full moon and a settling swell over the coming days, we will get a chance to catch a few more Spaniards so locals and tourists can experience more of .....

"The Best Fish & Chips in Samoa".


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