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Paul & Jacob Go Troppo in Samoa..

Doing a Live Aboard Charter aboard Pure Indulgence is a great way to experience the best fishing Samoa has to offer. Paul and Jacob did just that and had a great time over a couple of days as we worked the best available marks from Apia on the island of Upolu to Asau on the north coast of our big island Savaii.

The fishing was good and the locations where we spent the evenings were beautiful.

Both father and son got to land some great fish, including a few firts and PB's. Paul landed his first big yellowfin tuna and both he and Jacob landed plenty of mahi mahi, spaniards and doggies etc.

A great time was had by all of us and there will be lots of stories told about Going Troppo in Samoa on another terrific Live Aboard Adventure. Well done team..Yee Ha!!

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