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Tafa Tafa & More

On The South Side of Upolu SIGFA just held the Tafa Tafa Classic with "Fish The Dream" taking first place with a great mixed catch of jumbo yellowfin, wahoo, masi masi and a nice Blue Marlin. Peter Harrison Won best yellowfin with one weighing in excess of 75kg.

Out the front of Apia the have been heaps of nice blue marlin with the best going to our mate Brian with one tipping the scales at 185kg. Lots of good wahoo and a report from Vaughan Simpson of plenty of marlin and a huge Bull masi masi the shattered one of his new Killwell sticks. Vaughans new boat Fua 2 (a 30ft White Pointer) is really running well and the boys are getting amongst the fish big time.

With the season hotting up, so is the water which means that we are gearing ready for the BIG BLUES AND BLACKS, JUMBO YELLOWFIN and lots of action.

Pascoe Banks Adventure

Recently we took Grant Dixon, editor of New Zealand Fishing News to the Pascoe Banks 120 Miles Northwest of Savii. These banks rise from an ocean depth of 3000 metres to 7 metres and have an area the size of Upolu. They are untouched, not fished commercially. We had a ball catching great fish. GTs, Marlin, Sailfish, Doggies, Jobbies, Wahoo an lots lots more...

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