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2008 Samoa International Tournament Report

This years SIGFA tournament was a tremendous success.

28 boats (8 from NZ) carrying 150 anglers from 4 nations (Aust, NZ, USA, Samoa) fished a hard fought contest over the 5 days. Plenty of quality fish were weighed and a record number of Blue Marlin Tagged and Released. Once again the people of Samoa opened their arms to anglers and their families and everyone had a fantastic time.

Being an enthusiastic billfish conservationist, it was terrific to see so many anglers competing for the Tag & Release trophies, with many large fish being released that would have earned their teams more points dead. Congratulations to all these teams. In fact there were only two Blue Marlin weighed and both were potential records, with the larger of the two at 196kg, being a new Samoa 37kg lines class record landed by Courtney Stephens fishing with captain Chris Donato aboard Black Pearl. Other solid fish weighed included Yellowfin to 69kg, Mahi Mahi to 21kg, Wahoo to 19kg and GT's to 19kg. Ladies Day was once again well received with 30 lady anglers enjoying a beautiful day on the water. Tina Ausage and the girls from Team Troppo took out the honours with a brace of beautiful Mahi Mahi.

Due to the tremendous success of the tournament, local sponsorship to the value of SAT$100,000.00/AUD$50,000.00 has already been pledged for next year. So, if you have ever thought of fishing an exciting tournament on a beautiful south pacific island, get in quick and book yourself, your family and your mates into next years Samoa International 2008.

I can't wait and you won't be disapointed!!!

Tag & Release Results:

  • 1st - Because - NZ 2nd - Team Troppo - Aust 3rd - Yellowfin - NZ / Game Keeper - NZ

Open Tournament Results:

  • 1st - Real McCoy - NZ 2nd - Black Pearl - USA 3rd - Because - NZ

  • 4th - Team Troppo - Aust

  • 5th - Yellowfin - NZ

Ladies Tournament Results:

  • 1st - Team Troppo - Aust

  • 2nd - Fish The Dream - NZ

Country Results:

  • 1st - New Zealand

  • 2nd - Australia

  • 3rd - Samoa

  • 4th - USA

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